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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2323 longing field
Chapter 2323 Things during the thousands and thousands
“Miss Yi, you danced too perfectly!”
Didn’t she observe that 9th Brother was reluctant?
“Miss Yi, business issues plague me, so make sure you justification me.”
She came here to seduce him currently but bought seduced instead unexpectedly.
What did he reveal? He was clearly trash can-communicating her!
In the past, his emotionally charged intelligence was clearly from the damaging, but this time, he possessed transformed over a completely new leaf.
Si Yehan furrowed his brows and lifted his hands. “I’m excellent.”
Ye Wanwan: “…”
She arrived here to seduce him these days but obtained seduced instead without warning.
Si Yehan furrowed his brows and elevated his hands. “I’m great.”
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Eh… So what Si Yehan meant was… every thing he was quoted saying just now… was what he loved about her…?
Ye Wanwan turned into Si Yehan. “Director Si, you could arrive upstairs with me and change your clothes 1st before causing.”
Just what does he really mean? Si Yehan actually reported I’m not perfect?
The machine immediately responded, “Yes.”
The piece of music concluded and thunderous clapping perished the space.
The piece of music determined and thunderous clapping perished your room.
Ye Wanwan pointedly said, “I heard Director Si includes a fiancée. A person who can certainly make Director Si guard his purity this closely—she must be an ideal woman, perfect?”
Ye Wanwan dazedly froze in their own location, not able to reply for an eternity.
Ye Wanwan: “…”
“Miss Yi, business concerns affect me, so please reason me.”
Ye Wanwan needed a gla.s.s of red-colored wine beverage from the surrounding server’s holder and gently swirled it. “I’ll escort you.”
Si Yehan furrowed his brows and raised his hand. “I’m okay.”
Si Yehan replied, “She isn’t excellent. She’s impulsive, easy to upset, bad when intoxicated, unreasonable, wants to get involved with difficulties, wants to get envious considerably, and enjoys to trick men and women. She especially would rather recognize overtly but oppose people secret…”
“Every time I commit together, it feels like an adventure…”
Ye Wanwan was startled. “The complete opposite?”
Si Yehan responded, “She isn’t ideal. She’s impulsive, very easy to mad, unpleasant when drunk, irrational, likes to gain access to hassle, likes to get envious quite a bit, and wants to deceive folks. She especially would rather totally agree overtly but oppose individuals secret…”
“That’s proper, that’s ideal! You’re a G.o.ddess who descended to this very world!”
Si Yehan glanced at her. “It happens to be the contrary.”
Just after paying attention to Si Yehan rubbish chat and carry up a lot of her problems, Ye Wanwan nearly couldn’t retain her phrase in balance any more, and her overall tone darkened, “Is that so? Because your fiancée is really lousy, what do you love about her?”
“You’re over-praising me, Skip Yi,” Si Yehan replied.
“That’s proper, that’s correct! You’re a G.o.ddess who descended for this world!”
Didn’t she realize that Ninth Buddy was unwilling?
Si Yehan stated, “Because that individual is her, around my eyes, her excellent attributes are in the thousands and thousands.”

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